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Owner and Founder, John, spent nearly a decade in a multitude of positions in the residential and commercial solar field. His knowledge and experience with installations, manufacturing, electrical properties and codes, developing, and project management provided the perfect combination as a foundation for the start of Mastermind Vehicle Power. 

As an avid outdoors lover, camping fanatic, and off-grid enthusiast, it was an easy decision to leave the traditional solar market in search of something more.

"Mastermind Vehicle Power was born with a single mission in mind: to maximize the experience of every recreational vehicle user because we believe everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom of having power anywhere, at any time."

At MastermindVP, we stand behind our slogan of always providing a MVP treatment for every single customer. We believe in quality over quantity, and never settling for less then the best experience possible. 

This is more than a commodity endeavor; this is a movement. A feeling. An expedition to provide true freedom to anyone who desires to break free from the traditional mold. So reach out, and join the MastermindVP family. Let us work together to #PowerYourFreedom.

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